[Bell Historians] Proto-NBR and musical scales

David Bryant davidbryant at o1r-Oo0ACrq1WG_4dbO9-eQX6mCdrUkhxxz0mmhKu_0ETMHlqvflsl3tepyEioJVke9FXzbO3KBMlymWhAPb.yahoo.invalid
Sat Dec 2 11:34:59 GMT 2006

"Evidently, the convention adopted for recording notes of bells is that
which correspond to the white notes of a piano keyboard shall be 
recorded "as is", while those which correspond to the black notes 
shall be recorded as the sharp of the next lower white note"

What about


all black notes listed as flat rather than sharp

I agree with Michael and Sam on this one. I see no point in inventing a
specific notation just for ringers. In the long run, this can only cause



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