[Bell Historians] Musical scales, bell register

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>  5 years ago I would have whole heartedly agreed, but Campanophile 
> to work reasonably well.

What you are proposing is in a completely different league in terms 
of the work that is required by the "moderator" of the Dove site. 
Just think of all the possibilities for someone to have to cross-
reference conflicting pieces of data.  For instance, it took a bit of 
time to confirm that someone had entered the 1913 weights at Heywood 
instead of the 1923.  That is just one tower!

> Clearly that sort of level of detail cannot be the preserve of one 

It would take several and therefore mean an increased possiblity of 
errors.  Either that or someone would have to be salaried to look 
after it.

> I work with a company data base that holds all the information the
> company generates undertaking design of black boxes for aircraft.
> That has expanded from a totally structured set up with only 
> data.

And doing this costs it a fortune!  It can pass these cost to its 
customers.  I am quite certain that Dove could not, as people simply 
would not be prepared to pay the "going rate".



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