[Bell Historians] Musical scales, bell register

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Wed Dec 6 14:47:22 GMT 2006

Quite true, but unverified information is better than none, so long an
is source is traceable.
Possibly a half way house would be an unmodrated comments box with
registered user write access and open read.
A way of entering new "towers" would allow singles and 2's to be
These can contain very important bells.
And then there are Chimes whose bells also need recording.

Peals and co is excellent but there is no such thing as 1/4 peals and

Rod B:
"5 years ago I would have whole heartedly agreed, but Campanophile seems
to work reasonably well."

There is a big difference between Campanophile (essentially a quarter
and peal news service) and the NBR (an authoritative information
repository). Campanophile would never work to populate eg peals.co.uk,
and for similar reasons, a free-for-all database on bell frequencies
would never have the same authority. Only last week I noticed some
errors on Dove's bell dates re St Andrew, Holborn (which I shall


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