[Bell Historians] Musical scales, bell register

David Bryant davidbryant at 0zVJ12gH90131GivbMcv8pcy88E7Q-botZrRZCr1PUEL3CpK2GJ9ruMkk--HmP9XhTMSCT-5nQAqO68hb5YlycqZuA.yahoo.invalid
Wed Dec 6 15:12:17 GMT 2006

>There is a big difference between Campanophile (essentially a quarter and 
>peal news service) and the NBR (an authoritative information repository). 
>Campanophile would never work to populate eg peals.co.uk, and for similar 
>reasons, a free-for-all database on bell frequencies would never have the 
>same authority. Only last week I noticed some errors on Dove's bell dates 
>re St Andrew, Holborn (which I shall correct).

Just remember that now you will have to go through whoever originally 
submitted the data for this tower, or it won't be accepted. I can see the 
point where something is being disputed, but it also applies if you are 
adding data (e.g. presence or otherwise of canons) which wasn't previously 
there. Personally, I cannot be bothered to go through the original 
contributor in order to add data which they clearly don't have or they would 
have submitted it themselves.



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