[Bell Historians] Musical scales

Andrew Wilby andrew at P-J6_93xBa1w4R9r2n-UTlnHnjMO8a1yNFSmSPdsOWTq_97Sq0rASjkWL63XHC5ZGdP-cMHG0IRxW50.yahoo.invalid
Thu Dec 7 23:06:46 GMT 2006

Chris Pickford wrote:
<With regard to correct terminology for each of the major scales, I 
would find it useful to have definitive list of how notes should be 
expressed within the major scale for rings in each key - i.e. if the 
keynote is F#, E flat or whatever, then what should the other notes in 
the scale be called. Is this something that could be included on one of 
the websites (perhaps Bill Hibbert's) for guidance?>

This information is actually contained in the "Key Signature" for each key.

try putting "key signature into google or click on


Actually reference to key signatures answers all the questions that we 
have been discussing.

The other clue towards self help is that the major scale, starting from 
any note is made up of the sequence:

tone, tone, semitone, tone, tone, tone, semitone



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