[Bell Historians] Musical scales

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Thu Dec 7 23:42:17 GMT 2006

Andrew Wilby wrote:
"This information is actually contained in the "Key Signature" for each key. ... The other clue towards self help is that the major scale, starting from 
any note is made up of the sequence: tone, tone, semitone, tone, tone, tone, semitone"

That much I know. What I'm less sure of (still - even after a quick look at the Josaka page, which (slightly confusingly to me) combines major and minor in the same charts) is how to correctly express the note of each bell down the major scale. In an F sharp major octave, for instance, should the second be shown as F (as on a piano) or E#?  All I was suggesting is a self-help list saying, for F# major the notes should be expressed as [1=, 2=, 3= etc] .... for each of the major key signatures. Then we'd all be sure of getting it right

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