[Bell Historians] G&J numbering in carillons and chimes (was Greenock)

David Bryant davidbryant at 3e5Q6bE3Tf7mzoYBsOaQWPgvIm42XAZXgcGoRZx1VksHKifQunRl2YYFKUHXUfJoPv-30bCiVOZHbmQGB3Ai_TMUEuw.yahoo.invalid
Sat Dec 9 01:08:27 GMT 2006

> Chris's interesting reply to Carl's question has been my experience as
well. Coventry Cathedral (cast as a chime), The Royal Exchange (chime of
13), St Matthew Jersey (chime of 8) are just three cases which come
immediately to mind - all numbered from 1 (smallest) downwards.

So are the seven largest at St Wilfrid's in York - the 3rd of the chime was
not originally cast as part of the set. I believe the two trebles were also



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