Redundant bells in Greenock

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Sat Dec 9 16:52:35 GMT 2006

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> >... the details of St George, Greenock taken from G&J's Tuning 
> >No 15, p115-6.:
> I find it highly interesting that G&J assigned the serial numbers 
> the castings in ringing order (top to bottom) even though this was 
> clearly intended as a chime.  I wonder whether Alan can tell us if 
> this sort of initial numbering is typical of chimes and carillons 
> produced by G&J throughout their history (setting aside those older 
> instances where the final numbering was mixed because of the 
> diversion or replacement of individual bells).
> Carl
  I have not noticed anything out of the ordinary concerning the 
serial numbering of G&J's bells. Fron their great carillons down to a 
ring of 6 seem to be treated the same. I have not inspected many of 
their bells - I leave that to others, but I have noticed that the 
position in the peal is also placed on the bell. 



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