Great Bedwyn

John David johnedavid at
Sat Dec 9 19:36:40 GMT 2006

Extract from letter in the Guernsey Museum.  Reference GMAG 7645.14.33. Rev
W C Lukis, Bedwyn to his Father, in Guernsey,  20/11/1854.

"I have had a shindig with my new bell ringers & have turned then all off
neck & crop - so that we are now reduced to 4 or 5 junior and indifferent
ringers. However practice will make us perfect, & superior to those fellows.

They have been transgressing the rules laid down by me for them hoping I
would never find them out."

I am not sure what the reference to "new" bellringers implies, he had been
vicar of Gt Bedwyn for four years so they can't have been new to him, but
they were experienced. Nor am I sure if the "us" includes him as a ringer,
but I assume it doesn't because if he had been in the tower he would have
known what was going on. I wonder what the rules were. I imagine the
transgression probably had something to do with beer.

John david

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