[Bell Historians] Taylor bells in Denmark

Carl S Zimmerman csz_stl at Urso1K_N5-5vKDPacZv9xT4WTXcc4ema9AWWdbfsLpt0QX6ICsTrIH7o87me-O9Xqy2XEer8mnVpcpQ.yahoo.invalid
Wed Dec 13 07:37:01 GMT 2006

One of my Danish correspondents is aware of the Taylor bells in 
Esbjerg, but could not add anything of substance except to confirm 
that the bells and clavier are still in that church.  There was also 
this interesting remark:

>In the 1920 some English bells -always larger ones- came into the
>country. They were remarkable better tuned than our own bellfounders
>could do it. It was the beginning of the end for our bellsfounders.

You can find the Danish carillons and chimes indexed by bellfoundry here:
You can see from that page that there is one modern bellfoundry in 
Denmark.  I haven't heard their bells, but I do know that they worked 
with Eijsbouts to do a very fine historically-sensitive restoration 
of the Van Aerschodt carillon in the royal castle.



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