[Bell Historians] Re: An IT ringing trust?

John Camp camp at _Y_oR7CU5_kWWz2itcWslycmUVZBgjOtG_0RPQ7KNn4ejQLvBXTSubNI7HGw1MqfnU-9rDJNHB7o3eg.yahoo.invalid
Mon Dec 11 16:22:35 GMT 2006

At 15:59 on 11 December 2006, John Baldwin wrote:

> This contribution of John Camp's could be taken to imply that some of
> us do not adopt a "professional" approach to the job we are doing on
> behalf of the CCCBR.

Really, I don't think so, John. Certainly, that was not my intention.
'Dove' is perhaps a special case, but I'm not really thinking about
projects run on behalf of the CC. Most of the websites, databases and
so on (including my own email list administration arrangements) aren't
set up or run on behalf of anyone. We do it as individuals.

If I drop dead tomorrow, then I hope that the couple of people who
have access to relevant details could keep things going. Maybe it
wouldn't be the end of the world if they couldn't. My thought was
simply that it could be useful to have a small group to monitor and
service such facilities if anything prevents the owner from doing so.

John Camp


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