[Bell Historians] Double Clappering - Advice please

David Cawley dave at aDOjTFunPYptGaDwRj1kNQiKQezp53kmxpnutr1IXFaRUT572ODCD2nPifus8Ess5EvPQKrXqy1815FXnPSlg807.yahoo.invalid
Thu Dec 21 22:12:20 GMT 2006

Definitely ought to be Listed for Preservation. CCC New Bells Committee please note!

A very happy Christmass and a joyful new year to all members of this list.

David Cawley (DLC) 


  That it is, an Acme Mangle, no less!

  See http://www.mikechester.f9.co.uk/images/Ullenhall5.jpg


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