[Bell Historians] Unusual chiming machines (was Double Clappering)

David Bryant davidbryant at lLpuLgJsWrLGaxb0Xhm3NtvP6NMdVoUe8biink361Lm2ADQZn4BTTbl9tVeJ8-0vVzLyRmdNZxjq4x7kxubddwU.yahoo.invalid
Thu Dec 21 22:46:39 GMT 2006

A couple of the York threes had unusual chiming machines. Both consisted of
a timber stand about three or four feet high, which supported a metal rod
with three cranks in it. Straps from these cranks were attached to the
clappers, and by rotating it the bells could be clocked in rounds. Of the
two examples, that at St Margaret had an iron wheel by which it was turned,
and that at St Denys had a handle. The St Margaret's one was given to York
Museum when the bells were removed, and I saw it a few years ago in their
large objects warehouse. That at St Denys is still in the tower, but now
partly dismantled.



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