[Bell Historians] English chimes in India

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G&J also supplied a bell to Lund & Blockley from an ex Tower Pre-war Carillon. It is 35"dia, 8-0-12  in A 452hz dated December 1919. (No serial number) Does anyone know where it went and where it is now?

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  Colaba are Taylor 1903 with treble recast in 1914, tenor 14.0.22, 715 Hz.
  Bombay University are Taylors 1881 for Lund & Blockley, clockmakers 12 bells, 49.0.10 with 4 semitones ( sharp 2, 7, 8 & 9)


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    The GCNA Website now has pages for the four English-made chimes (of 
    at least 8 bells) in India which are known to me. (See 
    http://www.gcna.org/data/IXAPcc.html) For three of them, I was able 
    to find a fair amount of information, including photographs, but the 
    fourth remains largely a mystery. Any additional information which 
    my fellow bell historians might be able to provide will be welcome!


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