[Bell Historians] English chimes in India

Carl S Zimmerman csz_stl at ABs6EsgKyJavuUP7kttZBW6_ecGw51CvWBITIKLw-Ewi2vLWjChvst-egmDte4NEHSitduwVrvJYHCZV.yahoo.invalid
Tue Dec 26 05:16:54 GMT 2006

G.Dawson:  "the Mears 8 are at St Georges Anglican Cathedral, Madras.
Mears Daybook for 1871 records SIX bells, tenor 20.1.27."

D.Cawley:  "all 8 are Mears & Stainbank, 1871; a diatonic 8 with the 
bass bell 48", 20cwt 1qr 27lb in E" ... "There are also three clock 
bells by Thomas Mears II 1827/8; hour strike and ding-dong quarters"

Many thanks to David and George for the additional details.  Is it 
possible that the apparent conflict in number of bells supplied in 
1871 might result from combining six new bells with two of the clock 
bells to form an octave chime, with two bells doing double duty with 
the clock?



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