Tuning figures

Bill Hibbert bill at Ag30OOStcVBjQy0H5w6OdWtmInCDgYvy69xoj8ioqneZYqj0aIlEB2K7nm_f_6KtfJwEFLIcAApDeDKL.yahoo.invalid
Tue Dec 26 20:19:38 GMT 2006

Can anyone help me with an odd request? I need tuning figures for 
various bells for a piece of research I'm doing. For each the bells 
listed below, I have recordings, but they are not good quality and I am 
unsure of the hum frequencies. The bells are:
Big Ben
Great Abel (Manchester Town Hall)
Great John (Beverley)
Great Peter (Exeter).
If anyone has figures for these, I need both hums and nominals (so I 
can calibrate against my own measurements).

Many thanks,

Bill H


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