[Bell Historians] Tuning figures

Susan & Christopher Dalton dalton.family at nsh3j1F-xQUUtd2xb1yzGulQWyEowQ_t9JY3dtUp5U6WAk8P7lD5PpkpV-KHVdit0H_oPdDK3izIN5pOrcmcI8b1Sg.yahoo.invalid
Fri Dec 29 18:28:08 GMT 2006

> Can anyone help me with an odd request? I need tuning figures for 
> various bells for a piece of research I'm doing. For each the bells
> listed below, I have recordings, but they are not good quality and I am
> unsure of the hum frequencies. The bells are:
> Big Ben
> Great Abel (Manchester Town Hall)
> Great John (Beverley)
> Great Peter (Exeter).

I have taken Peter of Exeter, and am as near certain as I can be that I have
already published the figures on this list.  Let me know if you can't find



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