[Bell Historians] Peculiar Churches.

John Camp camp at 8nELsZoSVlzree93DXZ9KvUWda7X9dbb0g9Uo89Haasom5wl85FhAR7o6CM4Wv_W8lyZn61t15uyC0AqNw.yahoo.invalid
Wed Dec 27 07:37:29 GMT 2006

At 01:13 on 27 December 2006, David Cawley wrote:

> the north transept or chapel of St Anne and the annexed Trinity
> Hospital Chapel nearby are not so subject.

Thank you. Fascinating. I'd like to know how that came about, but that
may be stretching the scope of this list too far. (Though it isn't in
the least bit boring - at least not to me.) Maybe off-list, if you can
be bothered, David? Or is there something on the web? Can't see anything
on this topic on the church website.

Does the bishop put his crozier down when he enters the north transept?

John Camp


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