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Different founder, but the same thing happened at Christ Church, Oxford.
The two 1897 M&S bells which augmented the ring from 10 to 12 were replaced
in 1952 (also by M&S), just before a complete rehang.
The 1897 work was for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee - perhaps the 1952
work was linked to QEII's accession?


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> Taylor's recast the two trebles in 1911, and
> then recast them again in 1952. Does anyone
> know why this is?
> ... I wonder what was wrong with those at
> Cambridge?

I remember old ringers saying that the pre-1952
bells were hard to hear. The 1952 re-hanging
was clearly going to be very disruptive so the
opportunity was taken to have the trebles recast,
specifying that they should be 'brighter' than the
then current trebles.

Frank H. King
The University Bellringer
Cambridge, U.K.


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