[Bell Historians] Cambridge

David Bryant davidbryant at cbRAvx5wvSPKrdB38MO6MdG6_Xutot5zyHE31rzsY5QIZiI7U6b6duXAX_14m1E06ExA4OzmJGwq2RcCMybl.yahoo.invalid
Wed Dec 27 13:24:18 GMT 2006

>A similar thing also took place at Tewkesbury Abbey where the two 1914
>trebles to make up a ring of 10 were replaced in 1934 when the bells were
>augmented to 12 only 19 years later. The whole lot was recast in 1962.

The recasting of the Oxford and 1914 Tewkesbury bells is understandable, 
though - this was before Whitechapel adoped true-harmonic tuning and the 
bells are likely to have been poor. The 1911 trebles at Cambridge will have 
been true-harmonic and there is very reason to assume that they will have 
been good tonally.



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