Jim Phillips jim.phillipse9ox at
Wed Dec 27 21:36:11 GMT 2006

The University Bellringer wrote at 9.20 on Weds 27th Dec. 

"I remember old ringers saying that the pre-1952
bells were hard to hear. The 1952 re-hanging
was clearly going to be very disruptive so the
opportunity was taken to have the trebles recast,
specifying that they should be 'brighter' than the
then current trebles."

Having rung on the old twelve I cannot recall that the trebles were
particularly hard to hear.  My main complaint was that they were a
widdershins ring and thank heavens somebody had the good sense to rehang
them clockwise.  Does anyone know why rings of bells were hung
anti-clockwise, apart from some obscure reasoning relating to the occult
ie in a direction contrary to the apparent course of the sun?  


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