[Bell Historians] Peculiar

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Wed Dec 27 21:12:58 GMT 2006

At 20:05 on 27 December 2006, Andrew Case wrote:

> Alan Buswell has kept quiet since raising this issue, but I've no doubt 
> that the question was asked with St James without the Priory Gate, 
> Southwick, Hampshire in mind. I think this church may have escaped the 
> Acts JEC refers to since it is still outside Portsmouth Diocesan 
> control. The Vicar is appointed by the Lord of the Manor and his estate 
> still owns most of the land and property in and around the village.

The fact that the patron of the living is the Lord of the Manor, or
Trinity College, Cambridge, or the Archbishop of Canterbury has
absolutely no bearing on whether a church is a peculiar. The records for
this parish show that R Thistlewayte Esq is the patron and that the
parish is within the Diocese of Portsmouth. It is not a peculiar.  What
makes Andrew say that it is outside the control of the diocese?

John Camp


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