[Bell Historians] Newry Cathedral

Carl S Zimmerman csz_stl at wY9D93Efcxc9tDqjqcNsmgx5sx2H393WZYj-VidVnxq4qUqEKbeunBeg7Ajxl7j1Fd2trD0qQ0LJlildWQ.yahoo.invalid
Thu Dec 28 16:04:33 GMT 2006

At 21:45 +0900 06/12/28, Chris Pickford wrote:
>The Newry chime (originally Taylor 1898 but since extended, I think) 
>is at St.Patrick & St.Colman (RC) Cathedral - as listed in older 
>editions of "Dove". Books still beat the internet sometimes - indeed 
>quite often!

Yes, but they can be confusing, too!  to wit...

Dove 1976 & 1982 (and probably earlier) reported
   Cathedral of S.Patrick (R.C.), 8, 32 1/2 cwt in D
Dove 1988 reported
   Cathedral of S.Patrick (C.I.), 11, 32-2-0 in C
[That's a good trick - tune a bell down a whole tone without losing 
any weight!]

The work of renovation and expansion was reported in the RW (31 July 
1987, Foundry Focus column - unfortunately not at hand), and that was 
subsequently repeated in the British Carillon Society newsletter #32 
(with some misquoting).  I assume that it was here that the 
attribution to St.Colman was included, and it may have been in one or 
both of these that the denominational connection was changed from RC 
to CI (or COI, if you prefer).

A Web search this morning shows that "St.Patrick & St.Colman" is 
indeed the dedication of the RC cathedral in Newry, and that there is 
no COI cathedral in that town under any name.  This confirms Chris's 
identification, though not his sources.  :-)

I will fix the GCNA chime page.  But I still don't have accurate 
dates for either the original 8 bells or the 1980s work.



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