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Can add a little more about Newry from odd notes I've made, although I've never investigated thoroughly. My interest stemmed from curiosity about an early "true-harmonic" chime of some size - for which there's a testimonial in one of the early C20th Taylor catalogues - and a need to obtain details of the heavier bells for the "great bells" list

The bells were originally a Taylor chime of eight, completed on 20 Nov 1898. The weights were 6-2-1, 6-2-7, 7-3-22, 10-1-8, 14-0-21, 16-1-25, 22-0-21, 32-2-0 but I don't have a note of diameters or key.

In addition, there was a large and throaty service bell (I heard it in the foundry at Loughborough in 1987) by James Sheridan of Dublin 1862 weighing about 21 cwt

In 1987, Taylors added two bells to the chime (I don't have any details) and cast a new service bell weighing 27-1-20 or 27-2-0 (confusion in my own notes!).

>From the above, it looks to me as though these are now a chime of ten with a separate service bell rather than an eleven bell chime as the later Dove entry suggests

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