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Fri Dec 29 22:10:55 GMT 2006

From: Carl S Zimmerman 
Dove 1976 & 1982 (and probably earlier) reported
Cathedral of S.Patrick (R.C.), 8, 32 1/2 cwt in D
Dove 1988 reported
Cathedral of S.Patrick (C.I.), 11, 32-2-0 in C
[That's a good trick - tune a bell down a whole tone without losing 
any weight!]

Showing my pedantic penchant for accuracy, Dove 1950 - 1976 show (R.C.) and Dove 1982 - 1994 show (C.I.). Also, I believe the tenor note should be C# rather than C.

ps. Presumably not retuned, just an accurately recorded weight?
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