St Clement Danes Strand

alan_bagworth alan.bagworth97 at
Thu Feb 2 18:20:53 GMT 2006

I query the posting from  Alan Taylor that there was an extra bell for
the carillon before the war. The inscription on the bell does not
support his proposal.
The ringing peal all have RECAST 19 FM 55 on the waist. The tenor has
on the opposite side RECAST 19 FM 79 WHITECHAPEL (on three lines).   
    The flat fourth the D bell has on the waist 19 FM 55.
It may be that this note was only required for the 'RAF' march
past.The other tunes are 'Oranges and Lemons' which is played at 9am,
12noon,3 & 6 pm ; and the 'Old Hundredth'. The carillon machine was
destroyed in the war, the tunes are now played from a computer chip.
The sanctus bell survived the blitz because it was hung at the top of
the tower. It was cast at Whitechapel by Robert Mot in 1588. The
Sanctus and the D bell are hung from a girder on the top tier together
with 5,6,7.



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