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Wed Feb 22 09:24:05 GMT 2006

Well, I have been back to the Westminster Archives Centre. And on checking
through again, I now think that the report of 12 bells in the tower was
incorrect. All other reports state 10 or 11 bells. Depending on whether or
not they counted in the Sanctus bell.


I also found a picture of the pre-war ringing room. I will take a camera on
my next visit to the Centre, and copy the picture. This will be then posted
on this web site.


My assumption, for assumption it was, that the bells were rung from the
present belfry before the war was also proved wrong. The picture shows that
the bells were rung from the fist floor of the tower. Now the Resident
Chaplains office.


In other words, the bells were rung two levels down from the present ringing
room. The bells were two levels up from the present ringing room. Just think
about the draft.



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