Bell Photographs

Richard Offen richard at
Sun Feb 5 14:12:46 GMT 2006

--- In bellhistorians at, Ernie Runciman <bells at ...> wrote:
> Richard
> Have a look at the one on my personal photo page.
> I have a number of others.  What sort of photo are you after?
> If you do use any of my photo, please tell me when are where you are 
> going to use it. It must be credited to me at time of use.
> Ernie Runciman
> Tower Keeper
> Liverpool Cathedral Guild of Change Ringers.

The aerial view of the bells is fantastic.   It would also be good to 
have one that puts the enormous size of the installation into 
perspective ...if possible!

To save boring other members of this list, perhaps we should continue 
this correspondence off the list!




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