[3and4bell] Kilton

Nick Bowden nickwbowden at oQHgNp4pfQiJroBIDO9FS_vl44s_uZ4mTw0nnyiSU5_f6rlo9xUsnCfw5TDB9OPr6Emg7-PrhBnIG6uPsbjT3EE.yahoo.invalid
Mon Feb 6 23:19:31 GMT 2006

From: "Bickerton, Roderic K (SELEX) (UK)"
> Dove: Kilton, Som, S Nicholas, 4, 7cwt in B
> the church has been SOLD and is re opening as a conference retreat.
> What happened to the bells?
> I am asking locally, but is anyone aware whet became of the bells?

According to a notice in the porch, the bells were dismantled on 16th
November 2005 and sent to Whitechapel for restoration and are due to return
in March 2006. Anyone know any further details?

Although now redundant the church still seems to be in use as a community



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