[Bell Historians] Re: Bell Photographs

Richard Offen richard at i4k2ve1ILCXJuwJSS0J9xjWRI0_Bpy79chAWwlDcdfDEY1arxgOB_Gcycwlkml3yxZOQXgT-CfN_.yahoo.invalid
Wed Feb 8 00:22:39 GMT 2006

> (it is rust by the way, considering they've spent over 50 years in the
> tower, it's shocking the way they've been left to fall in to that 
> Jon.

Thanks Jon.

If you think Liverpool's bad, you ought to see the state Canterbury 
Cathedral bells have been allowed to get into - through absolutely no 
fault of the local band I hasten to add!   

Pigeons have been allowed to gain access to the belfry and continual 
requests from the ringers to the Cathedral Works Department to remedy 
the situation have, so far, drawn a blank.   The result is that the 
place is in a deplorable state.   

Having spent so much time and energy in the late 70s and early 80s 
getting a decent ring of bells for Canterbury Cathedral (please, no 
debate on whether you all think they are decent or not: it's purely a 
matter of taste ...and whatever Jim Philips may say, they are streets 
better than the old ones!), I personally find this state of affairs 
very distressing!



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