Bell Photographs.

Jim Phillips jim.phillipse9ox at
Wed Feb 8 15:39:04 GMT 2006

Jon wrote:-

"(it is rust by the way, considering they've spent over 50 years
in the tower, it's shocking the way they've been left to fall in
to that state)."

The rust is coming from the inside of the cast iron headstock
caused by condensation within the hollow stock and evidences the
high humidity of the area.  Personally I don't think it is too
much to worry about and that much can be done about it now.  No
doubt the installation is subject to a regular inspection and
maintenance contract by a firm of qualified bellhangers who will
examine the bolts holding the bell to the stock.
However I do worry about the tubular steel frames installed in
many towers for the millennium and since.  They will all be
rusting from the inside out due to condensation and might soon
be subject to failure.


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