[Bell Historians] Re: Bell Photographs.

Richard Offen richard at dlIIrrOVnWGiijU1so9gtm3WZFntx-2uH26i8iQkU2njn1LwV0VkdwqQt2XLzyNNVQrj5RZgf9w.yahoo.invalid
Fri Feb 10 05:15:13 GMT 2006

> There are two weights for the 9th currently doing the rounds, one at
> 34-0-11 and one at 35-0-11.
> Short of going through the Cathedral archives, anyone else heard of

The only way to settle that one once and for all is to ask Nigel Taylor
very nicely if he could possibly have a look in the Whitechapel Tuning

As to the story of two men being killed by the 9th, that's a new one on


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