[Bell Historians] Re: Liverpool cathedral

john thurman john at rKlm8zwRspRIJrykK_WUlbcTQNqkk8HFVreRnWW2k89ReTFIfzLzhyDDD1CYwoJ9njMWvMlpWX-4UBTyRk-WNJreqN0vy9g.yahoo.invalid
Sat Feb 11 08:37:12 GMT 2006

> > The 9th is 34-0-11.
> > I have heard the story of the 9th falling and killing two people 
> > before, but it is untrue. What did happen is that when the bourdon 
> was 
> > being hoisted, the cable was twisted and as soon as the bell was 
> > lifted off the ground, it went for a slow but rather long spin! The 
> > cable therefore ended up very twisted indeed, and took some time to 
> > rectify.
> > Nigel Taylor
> Thank you Nigel.   
> Mr Wilby junior will have to amend his Rings of Twelve web site!
> R
Why let the truth get in the way of a good story?!!? 



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