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Sat Feb 11 08:56:20 GMT 2006

I was just about to reply when Nigel did.

This roumour about the 9th falling during installation crops up 
about every two years or so, and can usually be traced back to the 
same source.

The Cathedral bell ringers have looked at this story in some detail, 
and are convinced it is not true.  We have talked to Nigel at 
Whitechapel, who as he says below, they have no record of it. There 
is no record of such an event in the Cathedral archives (dispite 
extensive searches by ourselves and the Cathedral Education dept).

Also, we keep being told the story appeard as a large front page 
news item in a local Liverpool paper at the time.  Again searches of 
the Liverpool Daily Post and Echo archives for the time have 
revealed nothing.

Ernie Runciman
Tower Keeper
Liverpool Cathedral

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> The 9th is 34-0-11.
> I have heard the story of the 9th falling and killing two people 
> before, but it is untrue. What did happen is that when the bourdon 
> being hoisted, the cable was twisted and as soon as the bell was 
> lifted off the ground, it went for a slow but rather long spin! 
> cable therefore ended up very twisted indeed, and took some time 
> rectify.
> Nigel Taylor


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