[Bell Historians] highest ring of bells

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Tue Feb 14 07:30:25 GMT 2006

Richard Offen wrote:

>I think Wormhill, Derbyshire always used to be considered the ring 
>furthest above sea level in the UK, but I seem to remember several 
>debates on the matter, so, no doubt, someone will correct me if I'm 
You're wrong, Richard!
Wormhill (formerly the lightest ring of bells in a church) is between 
315 & 320 metres above sea level. However, the nearby 5 at Chelmorton is 
approximately 370 metres. Both of these are in the Derbyshire Peak 
District, near Bakewell. Another contender is the eight at Queensbury, 
between Halifax & Bradford which is at a similar height. According to 
the local website http://www.queensburyvillage.co.uk/  "at 1100 feet 
above sea level, we can boast the highest high school in England, and 
...it is recorded that the parish church possesses the highest peal of 
bells in the British Isles."



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