William Sellers

George Dawson george at Mz9nyKjz93JiFkGCUgQ4z6kbMlYBxartdScYm7PcpEGSkV7Vp7HnRasBWqp1wNr100Nm-8xknc4VJprGD7BTJGyzBUPo9a0.yahoo.invalid
Tue Feb 21 18:37:50 GMT 2006

Oh, & are photo's of the inscription available?

The bell at Spye Park House (stables) has been taken down. I have yet to see
it, but hope to shortly.  Apparently it is inscribed ? William Sellers
1731 -   Is this name known to us historians?   Any information will be
I am unable to contact Christopher Dalton, lost his Email address, help.
Dennis Powney.


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