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"George Benson, on page 15 of "York Bellfounders", 1898, discusses William Seller, who had his bellfoundry at Jubbergate, York in the seventeenth century. He says a large number of his productions are in North Lincolnshire. " He used several stamps, with date and letters W.S. on his bells, and black letter or Roman text." He was succeeded by Edward Seller."

John Ketteringham (Bells of Lincs p.286) does not think that William Seller was a York founder, and I concur with that. His bells are mostly found in north Lincolnshire, and I am aware of none at all in the vicinity of York. John provides evidence to suggest he was casting in the vicinity of Market Rasen. John also suggests that he was the half-brother of Edward Seller I of York. Perhaps he would like to comment further on this?

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