Wigan Chimes

Mike Chester mike at lIlCFvHtuqIp15YzbVkvseicnO_flnlaC-hJ0wwkiGeSFgEq2YG4JpTrboB5Qj08pWqTcoAQkEZnQx-l4wR_D4XDACzmmsg.yahoo.invalid
Thu Feb 23 17:56:22 GMT 2006

A query has come up from the chimes list I host.

I have the following:
Wigan, Gt Man, England, Holy Cross (R.C.), 5 6-1-17 C SD 568 037 Clock 

However, the grid reference is for St Pauls, Goose Green, which is C 
of E and Dove has the weight as 4cwt.

I cannot locate my source for this information.  Can anyone put me on 
the right track?



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