[Bell Historians] Re: New 10s in "virgin" towers

Peter Kirby peter.c.kirby at 0B-8bp-iFvCenOEM4djf09-uzmkpKSUCuKtMiQ8TV6yOLR2eHWUj-djxEBlRTVK3ON8G2w-S1wNgzfn3D3r_e--ggMwI94g.yahoo.invalid
Mon Feb 27 10:26:49 GMT 2006

Strange, I've heard Andrew Aspland say the same ...

  PCK ...
Andrew Higson <andrew_higson at jB71piqn7TBI52hz7u61dZ1gynYIHEYXIXmw88ERAESucTXB1AleguZjQbMP_juHWQqwHZpHDcTLFHH_Gv_U2IR2TnrGW9c.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
    Best bell in the peal ;-)

> Mike Chester wrote:
  > Knottingley previously had one bell that is now in the ring of 10. 

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