[Bell Historians] Re: New 10s in 'virgin' towers

Mike Chester mike at 3SUURdlvNqtF0khPtqHEG5RXgQG9Bag0bT_DgmWYK8_bzvvl4i9E7Q54bRgBHlfR8CVFvZXB_xJYfQUddGLYXnOxhDaU.yahoo.invalid
Mon Feb 27 13:30:28 GMT 2006

In Africa, Greyville (Taylors 1921), Cape Town (Taylors 1979) and 
Harare (Whitechapel 1961)  come to mind.

In the States/Canada, post WWII, Mission City, (M & S 1950), Washington 
(Whitechapel 1964, though possibly the tower was far from empty of 
bells at the time! The carillon was cast the previous year by Taylors. 
Were they installed at the same time?) and the Old Post Office 
(Whitechapel 1976, hung 1983) 

Charleson went in intially as an 8 IIRC.  Did Atlanta go straight in as 
a 10 in 2000?

Then there is Australia!



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