[Bell Historians] Re: New 10s in 'virgin' towers

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The blurb in the tower at Mission gives them as 1951, I didn't look 
at the inscriptions. I did look at the inscriptions at Washington and 
they are dated 1962 for whatever that is worth.

> In Africa, Greyville (Taylors 1921), Cape Town (Taylors 1979) and 
> Harare (Whitechapel 1961)  come to mind.
> In the States/Canada, post WWII, Mission City, (M & S 1950), 
> (Whitechapel 1964, though possibly the tower was far from empty of 
> bells at the time! The carillon was cast the previous year by 
> Were they installed at the same time?) and the Old Post Office 
> (Whitechapel 1976, hung 1983) 
> Charleson went in intially as an 8 IIRC.  Did Atlanta go straight 
in as 
> a 10 in 2000?
> Then there is Australia!
> Mike


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