[Bell Historians] Re: New 10s in 'virgin' towers

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Tue Feb 28 05:34:37 GMT 2006

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> In Africa, Greyville (Taylors 1921), Cape Town (Taylors 1979) and 
> Harare (Whitechapel 1961)  come to mind.
> In the States/Canada, post WWII, Mission City, (M & S 1950), 
> (Whitechapel 1964, though possibly the tower was far from empty of 
> bells at the time! The carillon was cast the previous year by 
> Were they installed at the same time?) and the Old Post Office 
> (Whitechapel 1976, hung 1983) 
> Charleson went in intially as an 8 IIRC.  Did Atlanta go straight 
in as 
> a 10 in 2000?
> Then there is Australia!

I think the carillon at Washington Cathedral went in first, but the 
whole lot was done pretty much at the same time.   Sorry I'm on the 
other side of the world from my copy of the weights for the two 
Washington tens!

As to Australia, St Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney went in as a ten in 
1964 and were augmented to twelve in 1988.   

Other than them, there's only Brisbane Cathedral, where the eight 
were hung in a frame in the churchyard for many years; then they went 
into their very bendy steel tower as a ring of ten, followed by a 
move two years ago to the roof of the stub-end of a central tower.

...and that's it for Oz!

> Mike


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