[Bell Historians] ex-Douglas bell

David Bryant davidbryant at nMiJf2vC-Lue0eUQCvX1sv56MvsFb1c3UKSDKdf2oEmfpWjNciRpsN7QJVszH1Be0crLiEFqPZRAeQdL8fHCUJ54_g.yahoo.invalid
Tue Feb 28 09:29:10 GMT 2006

>I suspect it may have passed through our hands (Keltek Trust) but I do not 
>have any record that mentions Douglas for the source of the bell. If 
>someone could supply details e.g. Date, diameter (possibly weight & note) 
>then I will check our records for a match.

Taylor 1958, 6-2-4 in B (tenor is 653 Hz)



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