ex-Douglas bell

David & Mary Kelly keltek at dFcAB3UPidrwdv4SXBY_dEMyXIQvHNrMHvKapceG6D_0ovZkLD4e0LzlY6jJQETwY43RnwQTjAKLCYA.yahoo.invalid
Tue Feb 28 17:44:20 GMT 2006

Many thanks to David & David for the information. Not only was it listed in the Keltek Trust lists but it appears twice!
The first reference is 01015\1 where the destination was "to a (unknown) Nottinghamshire project". Presumably it was not installed as it appears again almost a year later as  reference 01104\1 where the destination is "Bolton by Bowland". So after all the travelling around the bell remains in the LACR territory!

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