[Bell Historians] Taylors 'Grimthorpe' bells

Susan & Christopher Dalton dalton.family at ...
Fri Jan 6 19:37:23 GMT 2006

Surely a 'Grimthorpe ring' would be one designed or specified by Lord G. I
am not aware Coddington or Madresfield were. Personally I feel a little sad
about what was done at Madresfield: the bells weren't that bad at all and a
complete period-piece (including the church) has now been messed up with no
great gain. I haven't been to Coddington since the retuning but those whose
views I respect say that it has been a great success. So you pays yer money
and takes yer choice.

The old rings at Worcester cathedral (Taylor) and Doncaster parish church
(Warner) were Grimthorpe as I understand it, and certainly the great thick
Warner quarter bells accompanying Big Ben. But I wouldn't call a Taylor
ring of that period 'Grimthorpe' just because the bells were thick (e.g. Old
Hill, Bolton All Souls, and indeed the back two bells at Wells cathedral).



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