Quick on the Job

Mike Chester mike at ...
Thu Jan 19 14:15:04 GMT 2006

Entering data into the Dove Bell Register threw up a question about 
the date of casting of the peal at St Barnabas, Erdington.

On the sound basis of, "When in doubt about Warwickshire ask CJP", I 
contacted Chris and he enlightened me about the fact that even though 
the person this peal was given in memory of "only" died on 2/11/1903, 
the bells themselves were cast by Taylors a week or so before 
Christmas of the same year and were dedicated in mid-February 1904.

I understand that in a similar era the order for 6 bells for 
Leamington RC was increased to one for 8 only a fortnight or so 
before they were due to be hung.

This seems to be a level of service that would be difficult to match 
these days. (Though the recasting of the back 3 into a front three 
and a complete rehang at Hebburn was squeezed into their schedule by 
Taylors in a similar time span in the 1980s. Job ordered in February 
to be complete by the end of the financial year, IIRC)

In trepidation I ask, "Is this a record"? I suspect that itinerant 
bellfounders might have had a rather quick turnaround, but for 
a "fixed" foundry can this be beaten? 



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