[Bell Historians] Quick on the Job

Anne Willis zen16073 at ...
Thu Jan 19 14:25:48 GMT 2006

In trepidation I ask, "Is this a record"? I suspect that itinerant 
bellfounders might have had a rather quick turnaround, but for 
a "fixed" foundry can this be beaten? 


I suspect it may have depended on the time of the year. I doubt if any
itinerant bellfounder would want to travel in the muddy winter months, and
if a bell needed (re)casting in November, it might be the following June
before the job was done.

I don't think any of the accounts for Roger Purdue I bells in Wiltshire cast
away from his Bristol foundry are dated by the month, but I could check when
the Record Office re-opens after its winter sort-out. 



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