Bells stolen from St Michael and All Angels Quarley Nr Andover

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You will be saddened to learn that in the past couple of days two of the
three bells of St. Michael and All Angels' Church, Quarley, near Andover,
have been stolen in an audacious raid that appears to have involved an
oxy-acetylene cutting tool to cut through the strapwork.

There is no tower or bell cote at Quarley, and the bells were hung/hang in a
small bell house situated at Ground level behind the church a few feet high.
They have been there in this arrangement for at least 100 years.

Details of the missing bells is as follows:

(i) :                                             S
            Sancta maria ora pro no bis        [Small Rectangular stop]
Reading Foundry (previouslyestablished at Chertsey Abbey and Wokingham)

circa 1550,  possibly by John Sanders.

(ii):          LOVE GOD 1636    I D          Cast in Salisbury in 1636 by
John Dawton (previously known as John Danton) -
Dalton has recently idetified his correct name in his Church Bells of

The remaining bell that was not stolen is a Mears and Stainbank recast of
circa 1905, of an old bell that was found in a barn in the parish about 100
years ago.

Images of the church and unique "bell house" can be found at

Please keep a look and listen out for anything that might indicate the
whereabouts of these bells.  Naturally the parish have involved the Police.

Thank you

Phil Watts
Bells Advisor, Winchester DAC.


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