New Zealand 3s and 4s

Richard Offen richard at
Thu Jul 13 02:41:20 BST 2006

--- In bellhistorians at, khsbelring at ... wrote:
> Does any bell historian have any info on N.Z. threes or fours. I am 
> over this Christmas and am not having much luck in finding anyone 
who wants to  
> ring peals. Perhaps its the heat & humidity ! Anyhow I would like 
to ring a  
> peal even if its at a two bell tower by myself but 3 or 4 would be 
> interesting. Howard Smith

Have you spoken to Mike Stone in Auckland?   I can't believe that 
he's not up for at least one peal, even in the height of summer!

I'm not sure that there are any threes or fours hung for ringing in 

Alternatively, come to Oz instead, we can always guarantee you a peal 
or two!



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