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Fri Jul 14 17:39:29 BST 2006

Whitechapel have given me the figure 13-1-14, and that is now posted on
the GCNA Website.  (It appears only on the index-by-weight page.)

--- Mike Chester <mike at Lsf4PmybiXzD8UDP1REuv4q-FET-VwZ3nYDt2mFxhZrSAbLMHS8bKSS6ifSzA0aBFbutlv7dMjivpItljQDOlhr5.yahoo.invalid> wrote:

> Whilst on the subject of doubtful data, can anyone confirm the exact 
> tenor weight at Atlanta?  In a RW article is was given as 13-1-12,
> but on the church/NAG websites it is given as 13-1-14.
> Thanks
> Mike

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